The Heart of the Nora

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update 02/03/2017


The answers Aloy has sought all her life are finally within her grasp- if she can defeat the Eclipse invasion of the Embrace and fight her way inside the tribe's sacred mountain.


  • Go to All-Mother
  • Defeat the Invaders
  • Talk to Varl
  • Talk to Teersa
  • Search the Ruins beyond the Hatch
  • Search the facility Control Room
  • Exit the Facility


  • +12500 experience
  • +1 Skill points

Go to All-Mother

You must now go to All-Mother to unlock the secrets of Aloy's birth. When you reach Mother's Watch it is under seige by the Eclipse and you must defeat them to get through to the All-Mother.

As a boss fight for this quest, you will also have to fight against a Corrupted Thunderjaw. However you won't be alone when fighting this machine making the fight relatively easier. Destroy its weapons on its back and around its mouth and expose its heart by tearing off the armor plates protecting it. Dealing damage directly to its heart will grant critical hits.

Talk to Varl and then go inside the mountain and speak to Teersa for some cut-scenes.

Search the Facility Control Room

Aloy will now be able to enter the All-Mother and seek some answers.

Entering the All-Mother you discover that Aloy was born in ELEUTHIA-9. There are no enemies here and all you need to do is search for more information about Aloy's birth and the facility. A few puzzles just like the other facilities you've visited will be here as well and the usual navigating around the facility.

Once you get to the Control Room, a hologram video of GAIA will initiate. Watch the cut-scene to learn more about Aloy's birth.

Leave the Facility. When Aloy returns to the Nora a cut-scene will initiate. Aloy will now have to face HADES and the Eclipse.


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