The Focus

the all mysterious and almighty Focus. What is it and what is it used for?
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update 25/02/2017

What the Focus is

The Focus is an ancient remnant from the technology of the Old Ones. It is the piece of technology that Aloy wears on her ear and lights up brightly when it is activated. This device allows Aloy to scan machines for their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, attack types their components and other combat information that might be useful.

How to Use The Focus

The Focus can be used in several different ways to provide information to Aloy. By holding down R3, players can activate The Focus. You will be able to see footprints, blood trails and translations of ancient text into English. Giving aid as you are completing a side quest.

In Combat

The Focus can provide detailed information about the machine you are scanning. It can tell you of its elemental attacks and strengths, it can tell you what elements the machine is weak against, and it will even show you what components a machine has.

All of these are important when it comes to decision making as a hunter but the most important information that The Focus can provide are the weak spots of each machine. When you use The Focus on a machine it will highlight all the weak spots a machine has in yellow; allowing Aloy to determine where she can deal the most damage.


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