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An ancient suit of armor lies in a ruin of the Old Ones, visible but out of reach.


  • investigate the Bunker
  • Restore Power to the Bunker Door
  • Investigate the Bunker
  • Restore Power to the Mechanism
  • Retrieve the Ancient Armor


  • +1 Shield-Weaver Outfit Box



The Power Cells

To gain access to the Shield-Weaver Outfit, you'll have to have all 5 Power Cells that can be found during the Story Missions.

First Cell

The first and easiest Power Cell can be located in the Ruins that baby Aloy discovered at the very beginning. You can access the Ruins again as adult Aloy. The Power Cell will be hidden behind some stalagmites. These stalagmites can be broken by an attack from Aloy's spear.

The Second Cell

The second Power Cell can be found in All-Mother. During the Quest The Womb of the Mountain. In the large room that splits into three other areas, go to the right where the locked door is. There should be a secret area that you can crouch into. You'll find the Power Cell in there.

The Third Power Cell

Along the quest Maker's End, when you reach the top where you watch Dr. Sobeck and Ted's hologram discuss about the situation the world is in, look behind you before dropping down to watch the holograms. There will be some hand holds for Aloy to climb on. At the top of the structure you'll find another Power Cell.

The Fourth Power Cell

The Fourth Power Cell can be found during the Grave Hoard quest. This one is hard to miss if you have a tendency to pick up everything you see on the ground. After providing power and unlocking all three geo-therm reboot systems, go through the door you just unlocked and right outside of it will be a bunch of items on the ground. Among them, the Fourth Power Cell.

The Last Power Cell

The Last Power Cell can be found within GAIA Prime on The Mountain That Fell quest. This one is easy to miss since its located separate from the path you're supposed to be on. We found it on our way back to Sylens' Workshop after we got the Master Override.

From Sylens' Workshop, climb down the elevator shaft and then exit to where you can rappel down. Make a left towards the zipline and look for a single, yellow handhold. Climb up that path and go into the small cave that glows blue. The last Power Cell will be inside.

The Shield-Weaver Outfit

Head on over to the location on your quest marker. It will be marked as Bunker. Navigate your way into the Bunker, insert the Power Cells into the geo-therm reboot systems and scan the FARO CODEX MACHINE for a hint to their code.

The first set of codes will be pertaining to the direction of the hour hand on a clock.

The next set of codes will be pertaining to the direction you would be facing after turning a set amount of 'degrees'. Once unlocked, grab the armor and open up the Outfits Box from your inventory.


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