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We let you know how massive the world of Horizon : Zero Dawn really is. Inclusive of 3 types of biomes and divided into 5 areas, we take a look at this map size.
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update 25/02/2017

The World of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon : Zero Dawn is an open-world, single-player game that offers players countless hours of hunting and exploring with this massive map. The land is inhabited with several machines in the form of great beasts that serve as resource collectors as well as defenders of the land. Each area of the world contains different kinds of these machine-beasts with different abilities and tasks. The world of Horizon : Zero Dawn offers beautiful scenery and hidden places that players may choose to discover and learn more about the world they are in such as caves, lakes, forests and villages.

How Big is the map?

At a glance, Horizon: Zero Dawn appears to have 5 zones. Each divided into 3 kinds of biomes; an Icy Tundra, A large Forest and one massive Desert. These 3 zones are also the largest parts of the game and named as Mother's Heart, Lone Light, and The Meridian. The game offers countless hours of gameplay through mere exploration and hunting for crafting materials which can be used to improve your gear. To further express how massive this world is, players start off at Mother's Heart, the snowy area of the game and in this area you can spend over 4 hours alone just from playing your first main quest.

Lost? Don't Worry! We have a map!

The game even offers a print-out poster of the game's map when you purchase the collector's edition telling us that players will have a large world to explore.

Need more map information?

Horizon : Zero Dawn even needed to incorporate the Tallnecks. Tallnecks are these massive harmless creatures that tower over the landscape. They serve as observer posts, surveying the land and constantly scanning the area. For the player, these Tallnecks can be used to view the rest of the map and give a better map view of the areas these Tallnecks will be roaming around. If you need to create these massive giants just to help players navigate around the world, you can expect this game to have loads of terrain to explore.


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I’ve cleared sunstone rock thrice now, but Ullia is nowhere to be found. I hear her, it app...
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