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The old outcast Odd Frata often needs help to survive in the wild. The trouble is, she'll only speak when praying to the goddess All-Mother, so understanding what she wants isn't easy.


  • Talk to Grata
  • 5/5 Gather Meat
  • Go to the Overlook Climb
  • Go to the Overlook
  • 1/1 Recover Grata's Prayer Beads
  • Go to Grata's Camp
  • Talk to Grata



Odd Grata

While speaking to Rost during the The Point of the Spear quest. Ask about Odd Grata to start this quest.

This Errand is rather simple. Head over to Odd Grata's location and speak to her. Aloy will have to gather some Meat from Boars, Turkeys, Foxes or Racoons and then Recover Grata's Prayer Beads from the Overlook. Once you've collected all of the items return to Odd Grata.


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This quest is complete crap. Cultists just spawn infinitely and even headshots alert the others.
I purchased arrow packs from the vedor guy but I cant use them.. when I run out of arrows the onl...
its near the lake or river
you can start trading for it from merchants when you get to meridian. There's this one merch...
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