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Gathering Lessons

For the next part, we see Aloy playing around with the new device she found in the cave as Rost prepares the equipment she will need for her training. We see Rost observing Aloy as she waves her hand in the air making gestures to invisible objects only she can see with her device.

Rost approaches her, interrupting her exploration of her new device and handing her a bow. He tells her to stop talking to her device and that her training is about to begin. Reluctantly, Aloy takes the bow and upon receiving it her device marks it as "bow" with the words popping up in front of her. As Aloy repeats the words out loud the words light up as if it were trying to confirm if that it what the object was. This implies that the device can identify objects for her as well.

Due to her fall in the cave, Rost tells her that they are going to the valley to gather some healing items to mend her wounds. Another cut scene opens up and we see Aloy and Rost walking along a river as Rost provides lessons for her. He will give Aloy a small gathering pouch to begin her lessons.

At this point, you now have control of Aloy again. On screen, the game will tell you to gather the berries and even if for some reason you miss all the tutorial signs, Rost keep pestering you and remind you to gather the berries.

Walk up to where Rost is and beside him there will be some berries. Gather the berries by pressing TRIANGLE and Rost will tell you to eat them. To eat the berries, press UP on the directional pad and she will make a disgusted noise at the taste of the berries. Berries will heal you a small amount of your health.

Keep following Rost down the path and you will begin the next step to her training which is to hunt.

Learn how to Stealth

Keep following Rost as he walks towards the next objective. You can wander off a bit to find some more Medicinal Wild Ember but you won't be able to wander off too far as the game will start to warn you about leaving the quest area. Stick close to Rost to continue your training.

Upon reaching the slope ahead, Rost will instruct you to crouch by pressing SQUARE. Rost will walk into the tall grass to hide himself and here you will learn about your first machine encounter.

The Watchers

Aloy and Rost come across a Watcher, a dinosaur-like machine walking on two legs. Rost explains that you can sneak past a Walker by staying out of its path and crouched, hidden in the tall grass. Crouched walking is better than walking up-right since it is quieter and the machines are sensitive to noise.

Stick close to Rost as he traverses from tall grass to tall grass and you be able to go unnoticed by the Watchers. Once the coast is clear, the game will tell you that the eye on screen is an indicator of how much noise you are making while you are in stealth mode/crouched. At this point you are free to walk normally by pressing the SQUARE button again.

Learning the Hunt

After sneaking past the Watchers, Aloy notices a teenage boy. She asks Rost about him and he tells her to ignore him and that he is a tribe boy. Someone from the tribe calls out to the boy and we find out that his name is Teb.

Rost urges Aloy to keep moving as he is about to teach her about using the bow. Along the way you are once again free to roam around and you may collect several other items along your path such as the medicinal Scrub Brush.

Along the way you cross a bridge and some new machines called Striders.

The Striders

Striders are horse-like machines that you encounter. Upon reaching the bridge that crosses the river, Rost scares some Striders away to demonstrate how easily scared some machines can be. He then continues to explain that the best way to approach them is by stealth. Its also good to note that Rost adds that they will later on catch up to them. Hinting out to us that the machines have certain behavior and that they will stop running away at some point.

Learning to distract or divert the machines

Next up, Rost will ask you to gather some rocks that are scattered along the path. Pick them up like you would when gathering by pressing TRIANGLE. After you gather 3 rocks, Rost will tell you that that is enough but you can also pick up more rocks should you want to experiment with the distraction/diversion mechanics of the game.

Further ahead, we come across a small cliff and spot the Striders we saw earlier and a single Watcher wandering about. Rost further explains that rocks can be used to distract machines and even draw them into traps. Seeing as the Watcher is around to warn the Striders, Rost explains that we should deal with the Watcher and kill it without alerting the other machines. Rost gets in position in the tall grass and instructs Aloy to draw the Watcher to his location by throwing a rock near Rost's location.

To throw a rock, hold on DOWN on the directional pad and aim with the Right Analog Stick. You may also cancel the throw rock action by pressing L2. Once you have aimed at your target location, let go of the DOWN button and Aloy will throw the rock and draw the attention of the Watcher.

The Watcher has noticed the rock and walks towards it to investigate. Upon arrival, Rost jumps out of the tall grass and performs a stealth kill on the Watcher, killing it without alerting the Striders in the area.

The Watcher is dead and it is now safe to climb down the cliff. Rost will ask you to harvest the kill because he will teach you how to create arrows next. Walk closer to the Watcher's corpse and collect the materials from it by holding on to TRIANGLE. When you are harvesting the bodies for materials a menu will pop up and you can choose to take all the materials by pressing TRIANGLE or you may select the items you wish to take by highlighting the item and press CIRCLE.

After you harvest the dead machine, walk on over the Ridge-Wood and gather those as well. You will need them as materials to create arrows.

Crafting items

To craft items, you must hold the L1 button to open the Weapon Wheel. Using the RIGHT ANALOG STICK, select the arrows and hold the X button to craft them.

Using the Bow

After crafting some arrows you are now ready to use your bow. Follow Rost into the tall grass and crouch to avoid being detected by the Striders. Rost continues to lessons about Striders and that they are weak machines, however even weak machines can kill a hunter if they are careless. He then proceeds to tell Aloy about the Strider's strengths and weaknesses such as aiming for its eye to deal more damage and then he leaves Aloy to guess another one of the Strider's weaknesses.

Focus mode and killing the Strider

The game will now ask you to scan the Strider with The Focus. Press R3 to activate the Focus and aim the large circle in the middle at the Strider. This will then scan the Strider for any information as well as reveal any weak spots that you may strike.

Once you scan the Strider, we immediately see that the cannister on its back is highlighted yellow. This means that it is a weak spot. You may even tag the Strider to lock on to it. You may now turn off the Focus by pressing R3 again and strike the cannister using the bow by holding the L2 button to zoom in and then hold the R2 button the draw the bow. Aim with the R analog stick and strike either the eye to blind it or the cannister to deal a large amount of damage. We suggest that you blind it first and then strike the cannister. That should kill it with two strike alone.

Walk up to the dead Strider and harvest its body for Metal Shards and Wire. Walk on over near the river and grab the Blaze. Run back to the area where you gathered some Ridge-Wood and grab the Medicinal Hinther Gold.

Saving the Tribe Boy

After killing the Strider you will hear someone in the distance. It is the tribe boy we saw earlier. He is in danger.

Cross the river but be careful not to fall into the deeper side of the river on the left. You could get stuck there and if you do just try to jump a few times while swimming back in the correct direction on the right. Follow Rost along the path and run by pressing L3. You can set up your run options in the settings menu to Toggle or Hold to run.

At the end of the path, we see the tribe boy falling from a cliff and into the middle of a herd of Striders and Watchers. He is clearly in danger and Rost tells Aloy that he can do nothing to help the boy. However Aloy can see the paths of the Walkers with the Focus and forces her way out of Rost's grasp to help the tribe boy.

We regain control over Aloy at the bottom of the ravine, hidden in tall grass. A Watch is right in front of Alow, use the Focus to scan the Watcher and gain access to its pathway. Study the Watcher's pathway and cross on over to the next tall grass when the coast is clear. Once you reach the next tall grass there will be another Watcher; scan it for its pathway and move on to the next tall grass on the left without being noticed. Take the Wild Ember at the edge of the tall grass and move on to cross the river. Scan the next Watcher for its pathway while staying hidden in the tall grass. Wait for the Watcher to stop at the end of its path and traverse on over to the next tall grass and you should see the tribe boy behind a huge rock.

Talk to Teb and a cut-scene will occur. Lead Teb out of danger by repeating the same steps you did to reach him. Stay stealthy and undetected and you should make it out safely to Rost on the other side.

A lengthy cut-scene for occurs for players to enjoy. Starting with a conversation between the tribe boy, his fellow tribe's men, Rost, and Aloy. After this cut-scene we see Aloy walking along the berry farm and the little boy we saw earlier throws a stone at her. It hits her and the boy throws another one but Aloy catches it with her hand. The little boy is surprised and decides to pick up another rock to throw at her. At this point players are given the option to make certain choices that will influence Aloy's personality throughout the game.

Aloy personality decisions

Throughout the story, players will be given the option to make certain choices that for Aloy that will affect her personality throughout the game.

The three choices are:

CONFRONT - Aloy will directly challenge the situation

INSIGHT - Aloy will find a clever, less obvious approach

COMPASSION - Aloy will express compassion or give voice to her feelings.

The cut-scene continues on after this segment and moves on to the next part of the story: The Point of The Spear


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