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update 03/03/2017

What is Blaze?

Blaze is used to craft Fire attribute ammo. You need to collect a plenty of this resource if you use Blast Sling and other weapons that deal explosive damage.

Where to get Blaze

Nora Hunting Ground

Parts Alone Trial at Nora Hunting Ground is the best place to farm Blaze.

LocationNora Hunting Ground
TrialParts Alone Trial

You have a chance to hunt 10 of Grazers during the trial. Around 40 Blazes can be obtained from one trial.

Blazing Sun Reward Box

Additionally, you can get a Blazing Sun Reward Box by completing the mission within 1:30 mins, then you can earn extra Blazes.


ya yeet
then hold x. SiMpLe DoOd
Lord mama
I cant use my blaze? I have it in my inventory but i cant create fire arrows...

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then hold x. SiMpLe DoOd
couldn't agree more. I'm in a dungeon area and I need to shut down and pack up my PS4 b...
I can no longer use potions. I have resorted to a fire save and restart when i need health becaus...
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does anyone know who is the actor? Grist is so handsome!
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