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Silent StrikeSilent StrikePress R1 to perform a silent takedown on small machines and humans or deal high damage to medium enemies.1
Hunter ReflexesHunter ReflexesTime slows while aiming during a jump or a slide1
Silent DropSilent DropLanding from a fall or jump is completely silent, and will not alert otherwise unaware enemies.1
Strike From Above (skill)Strike From AbovePress R1 to silently drop and take down small machines and humans, or deal high damage to medium enemies.2
Balanced AimBalanced AimUse ranged weapons while balancing on ropes2
Low ProfileLow ProfileFurther reduces your visibility to enemies when crouching2
Strike From BelowStrike From Below Press R1 when hanging below human enemies to perform a silent takedown3
Strong StrikeStrong Strike15% damage increase to strike attacks: Silent Strike, Strike From Above, Strike From Below, Leader Strike3
Dodge ProwessDodge ProwessHold O for a long dodge roll, or tap O for a short dodge roll.3
Leader StrikeLeader StrikePress R1 to perform a silent takedown on heavy and elite human enemies.3
Strong Strike +Strong Strike +30% damage increase to Strike attacks: Silent Strike, Strike From Above, Strike From Below, Leader Strike3
Quiet SprintQuiet SprintSprinting is quiet, greatly reducing the chances of alerting nearby enemies.3


ConcentrationConcentrationWhile aiming, toggle with R3 to slow down time.
Critical HitCritical HitPress R1 for a high damage attack on downed enemies.
PrecisionPrecisionLight spear attack have an increased chance to knock off armor and components1
Heavy LifterHeavy LifterMove faster while wielding a heavy weapon.2
Critical Hit +Critical Hit +Critical hits deal more damage2
Precision +Precision +Light spear attacks have a greatly increased chance to knock off armor and components2
Concentration +Concentration +Increases the maximum duration of Concentration3
Double ShotDouble ShotUse R1 while aiming to motch an additional arrow on all bow weapons.3
Knock DownKnock DownHeavy spear attacks will knock down machines faster.3
Fast ReloadFast ReloadFaster reload while using Concentration3
Triple ShotTriple ShotUse R1 while aiming to notch up to 3 arrows at once on all bow weapons.3
Fighting BackFighting Back Heavy spear attacks deal increased damage when Aloy's health is low.3


Lure CallLure CallUse Up from the tools menu to lure a single enemy to your position. The target will be the closest, most centered in Aloy's view.1
HealerHealerSpeeds up healing from the medicine pouch.1
GathererGatherer Additional natural resources when foraging.1
Combat OverrideCombat OverrideIncreases the time a machine will remain overridden by 50%2
HerbalistHerbalistDoubles the capacity of the medicine pouch.2
ScavengerScavengerChance for extra resources when looting downed machines.2
Combat Override +Combat Override +Increases the time a machine will reamin overridden indefinitely.3
Disarm TrapsDisarm Traps Traps and tripwires can now be disarmed and reused.3
Ammo CrafterAmmo CrafterCraft additional ammo from the same amount of resources.3
Call Mount +Call Mount +Calls a new overridden mount of no mount is available.3
TinkerTinker Weapon Coils and Outfits Weaves can now be removed and reused.3
Scavenger +Scavenger +Increased chance for extra resources when looting downed machines.3


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I cant use my blaze? I have it in my inventory but i cant create fire arrows...
Grist 2
does anyone know who is the actor? Grist is so handsome!
This quest is complete crap. Cultists just spawn infinitely and even headshots alert the others.
I purchased arrow packs from the vedor guy but I cant use them.. when I run out of arrows the onl...
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