The Looming Shadow

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HADES intends to use the Spire to transmit a resurrection signal, calling millions of buried war machines from their graves. When the time comes, Aloy must stand against the shadow - but she will not fight alone.


  • Go to the Palace of the Sun
  • Talk to the Sun-King Avad
  • Talk to Blameless Marad
  • Review preparations at the Ridge [OPTIONAL]
  • Review preparations at the Spire [OPTIONAL]
  • Rest Before the Final Battle


  • +17000 experience
  • +1 Skill point

Go to the Palace of The Sun

Now that you have the master override, you must speak with Sun-King Avad to discuss the on coming battle. Head back to the Palace of The Sun in Meridian and speak to Avad.

You'll then have to speak to Blameless Marad about the battle preparations against the Eclipse.

Review the Preparations at Both Sites [OPTIONAL]

Review preparations at the Ridge

Simply speak to Teb and he'll tell you about his preparations. Preparations at the Ridge will grant Aloy medical supplies on the battlefield grounds. Look for them if you ever need them.

Review preparations at the Spire

This one is split across three conversations. Speak to Varl, Erend and Sona to complete this optional quest.

Rest Before The Final Battle

Make sure you're prepared and have done any side quests and errands you wish to complete before resting for the final battle. Whenever you're ready, head over to Olin's apartment to complete the quest. Rest up and be prepared for battle.


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