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update 23/02/2017

Guerilla Games' newest and most highly anticipated IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to launch late February to early March and we are extremely excited for its Virtual Reality capability. PlayStation 4 gamers may have already noticed the new "cinematic mode" that came out in an update back in September 2016, allowing gamers to experience all PlayStation 4 features in VR and yes, this includes video game experience.

How Immersive is Horizon: Zero Dawn in VR?

Although Horizon: Zero Dawn is played in a third-person perspective, the game will certainly suck you in as you play in VR. In order for you to play the game in VR you will need to have the PlayStation VR headset and players may be disappointed at the resolution since the system has to adjust the resolution to fit the HD screen fitted in your VR headset.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is expected to release this month of February 2017. Be ready to experience it on PlayStation VR.







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@@@ you The nator
Besides Horizon Zero Dawn there is a very similar game, I suggest you buy Horizon Forbidden West ...
And while we are waiting for the DLC, you can play WoW, there are a lot of raids there. and if yo...
It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
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