A Daughter's Vengeance

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update 02/03/2017

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Yan, a young Nora, is worried about his sister Nakoa, who left the Sacred Lands to find their father's killer.

TypeSide Quest
Rewards5000 XP


  • Go to Mother's Crown
  • Talk to Solai
  • Go to Daytower
  • Talk to Zaid
  • Find the Outpost Commander
  • Go to Lonesome Rock
  • Kill the Guards
  • Examine the Cart
  • Follow the Cart Tracks
  • Explore the Compound
  • Kill the Guards
  • Explore the Compound
  • Talk to Nakoa
  • 1/1 Search the Guards for the Key
  • Return to Nakoa
  • Escape the Compound
  • Kill Zaid
  • Talk to Nakoa


To find this quest, you'll have to go to Mother's Rise and speak to Yan. He'll tell you about Nakoa and Solai


Speak to Yan

Talk to Yan at Mother's RIse and he'll tell you about Solai and that you must speak with her. Head on out to Mother's Crown and look for Solai. Once you speak to Solai, she'll tell you to look around in Daytower.

Speak to Zaid at Daytower

Once you reach Daytower, you will have to speak to Zaid. Ask for Nakoa and you'll be told to look around Lonesome Rock.

Upon arrival at Lonesome Rock, you will have to kill the guards. After clearing the area of enemies, use the Focus to scan for any clues of Nakoa. Eventually you'll find some tracks to follow.

Explore the Compound and Save Nakoa

The tracks will lead you to a compound. It will be protected by some guards; take them out and follow the tracks leading to Nakoa. Speak to Nakoa and look for the keys to unlock her chains.

Next, you'll have to help them escape the compound. Go outside to face Zaid. Kill him and speak to Nakoa to complete the quest.


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