The Mountain that Fell

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Aloy journeys to the ruins of GAIA Prime in search of the Master Override - her only hope to defeat HADES.


  • Go to the Bitter Climb
  • Go to the Ruins of GAIA Prime
  • Climb up the Outcrop
  • Talk to Sylens
  • Go to the Door
  • Search the Ruins for the Master Override
  • Examine the Shrine
  • View the Hologram
  • Talk to Sylens
  • Search the Ruins for the Master Override
  • Examine the Control Room
  • View the Hologram
  • Talk to Sylens
  • Claim the Master Override
  • Return to Sylens' Workshop
  • Attach the Master Override to the Lance


  • +14000 experience
  • +1 Skill points

Go to the Bitter Climb

Aloy will have to retrieve the master override in order to defeat HADES. Travel to the BItter Climb and enter the Ruins of GAIA Prime. Navigate your way up to the Outcrop. On your way up there will be several machines protecting the GAIA Prime ruins. Take them out or sneak through to progress on your quest.

At the very top, as you are nearing the Outcrop, you'll have to fight a Stormbird. Destroy the Stormbird and the path will be clear to Sylens Workshop.

Navigate and climb your way through then speak to Sylens.

Search and Obtain the Master Override.

From here on out, its just a search mission. Along the way you'll have to view some of the holograms vital to the story.

You'll have to visit the Control Room and watch another Hologram. Watch the cut-scene with Sylens and claim the master override.

Attach the Master Override to the Lance

Return to Sylens' workshop and he'll give you his Lance to replace your Spear.

A few data points will also be lying around for you to listen to. Conversations between Sylens and HADES.

Walk over to the work desk to attach the Master Override to it and complete the quest.


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