The Point of the Spear

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Aloy has grown up and is now ready for The Proving. The Point of the Spear is your first real quest. Now that Aloy has leveled up a bit, you now have some skills points that you may use.


  • Find Rost
  • Craft Fire Arrows
  • Talk to Karst and Trade for a Tripcaster
  • Meet Rost at the North Gate
  • Rest at the Campfire
  • Follow the Path of Destruction
  • Kill the Sawtooth
  • Loot the Sawtooth carcass


  • 1500 XP
  • 1 Skill point(s)
  • Generous Reward Box x1

Find Rost

Walk up ahead along the path to find Rost. Once you find him, he will tell Aloy that she needs to learn one more thing before The Proving.

Craft Fire Arrows

Aloy will need some fire arrows for her final lesson from Rost. You will need 3X Blaze from Strider and 5X Metal Shards from Machines.

Open up your map to find the location of these materials and head on over there. On your way down you'll find a campfire. Save on it and continue down the path.

Be prepared to encounter the machines in groups as they will be close together as a herd. Stealth is a good option to make this easy but if you like a good challenge attacking them straight on will work too.

When you have the materials press L1 to craft the fire arrows.

Talk to Karst and Trade for a Tripcaster

Find Karst and trade for his Tripcaster. Karst will want to trade it for a Scrapper Lens. Luckily, Aloy already has one. Trade it from Karst and check the treasure boxes section of his store to get a Free Sample Box.

Meet Rost at the North Gate

Now that you have the fire arrows, you can meet up with Rost but it is a good opportunity to go and test out your new Tripcaster on Machines along the way.

Open your quests tab and look in the Tutorials section to learn how to use the Tripcaster. You also gain a large amount of experience for completing the Tutorial.

When you meet up with Rost there will be a campfire beside him. Make sure you have enough arrows and materials to craft equipment for your final lesson.

Save at the campfire and your final lesson will begin.

Follow the Path of Destruction and Kill the Sawtooth

Follow the path ahead and harvest the parts from the dead machines. There will be some Watcher, be sure to avoid them.

Along the path there will be a Metal Flower nearby on a hill. Continue along the path and you will start your first boss fight.

Aloy needs to kill the Sawtooth. The Sawtooth is quick and can deal a lot of damage but time your dodges properly and you should be able to avoid damage. You may start off by hiding in the tall grass to get close enough to it. You should also set up some traps around the area before you engage the Sawtooth. Traps will allow you some time to either get away from the Sawtooth or deal extra damage to it. Scanning the Sawtooth with the Focus will also reveal its weaknesses.

After you kill the Sawtooth, harvest its parts and Rost will reveal his lesson to Aloy.


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