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  • Go to Maker's End
  • Go to the Ruins
  • Investigate the Explosions
  • Kill the Cultists and the Deathbringer
  • Loot the Eclipse Officer
  • Investigate the Rubble
  • Search for information about Elisabet Sobeck
  • Go to Ted Faro's Office
  • Search Faro's Office for information about Dr. Sobeck
  • Scan the Datapoint 1
  • Watch the Hologram 1
  • Scan the Datapoint 2
  • Watch the Hologram 2
  • Scan the Datapoint 3
  • Watch the Hologram 3
  • Exit the Ruin


  • +7000
  • +1 Skill points

Go to Maker's End

Follow the quest marker all the way to Maker's End. Once you reach Maker's End, Sylens will give you more information and tell you to enter the ruins.

Right before you reach the ruins there is a corrupted zone near it. You can clear it for extra experience and some resources.

The ruins will be filled will cultists, Corruptors and Corrupted Machines. Picking off the smaller enemies one by one with stealth kills will make this quest line easier.

Kill the cultists and the Deathbringer

Navigate your way into the ruins and you will start to hear explosions. Follow the path up to the explosions and investigate what is causing it.

Once you reach the source of the explosions a cut-scene will start and you will have to destroy a Deathbringer cannot move but it is still deadly. Destroy some of its weapons first; using hardpoint arrows to limits its attacks.

Once the Deathbringer is destroyed, loot the Eclipse officer of its Focus and watch the cut-scene and then continue on further into the ruins.

Search for information about Elisabet Sobeck

After that boss fight with the Deathbringer, there isn't much left to this quest. However navigating around the ruins can be treacherous.

Explore the ruins and find a way up to Ted Faro's office. Scan any devices and data points along the way to expand on some background story.

Once you reach Ted's Office scan and watch all the hologram videos. Right before you jump down to the holo vids, take a look behind you to a tall structure. You might want to climb up to obtain a Power Cell for the Ancient Armory side quest. Once you've watched all the holo vids walk towards the exit and Sylens will appear and talk to you. You may now exit the ruins.


I've killed everyone including the deathbringer but it's still telling me to killing cultists and the deathbringer any idea what's happened?

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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
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