Hunting Trials

There's so much you can do in Horizon Zero Dawn! Crafting, Questing, Hunting, and more hunting! We discuss about Hunting Trials, what they are, where to find them and how to complete them.
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List of Hunting Trials

What a Hunting Trial is

Hunting Trials are one of the side quests that you can do in the game among many others. These trials are requests from hunter lodges with kill orders asking you to kill a certain amount of machines or just one specific machine but there's a catch. They are timed and have certain conditions that need to be met in order for you to complete them. After completing them, you can be rewarded with crafting resources and increase your hunter lodge rank.

Where to challenge

Hunting Trials can be found scattered all over the game. Search for the representative of each Hunting Ground.

Be sure to explore a new area thoroughly to find these hunting grounds.

Hunter Lodge Ranks

Hunter Lodge Ranks is one of the social features included in the game that allows player to compare how far into the game they have gone and since hunting trials become progressively more difficult, its also a means to determine veteran hunters from new hunters.

How to complete hunting trials

Hunting Trials vary in difficulty as you progress into your Hunter Lodge Rank. As some Hunting Trials are timed, they also require you to meet certain conditions to complete them. Some hunting trials will require you to simply kill a certain amount of machines while some of the more difficult hunting trials will require you to kill machines with certain traps and weapons.


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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
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