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traverse the world instantly? Lets go! Lets discuss about what fast travel is and how to do it in Horizon Zero Dawn
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How to Fast Travel

Fast Travelling is a transportation means in many open world video games that allows players to traverse the great big world without the boring walking or running or mounted travel downtime. Instead, we get to instantly travel to a place we need to get to so we can progress faster.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, players are required to discover an area before they can fast travel to it. Undiscovered areas will remain undiscovered and you won't be able to fast travel to them.

How to get


Unfortunately, in Horizon Zero Dawn players need to craft Fast Travel Packs in order for them to avail of the feature.

First off, players need the proper materials to craft a Fast Travel Pack:

Then you will need to open the Menu and Select Crafting. Navigate your way to "Travel" and then select the icon that looks like a pack.


You can trade a fast travel pack for the following items:

Free Unlimited Fast Travel

Legend has it that there is a Golden Fast Travel Pack that will grant you unlimited Fast Travels for free. Well, legends were true.

Travel to the outskirts of Meridian and you will find a mysterious(not really) Merchant who will sell you a Golden Fast Travel Pack. The merchant also has a steep price for it too. In exchange for the Golden Fast Travel Pack you will need:

Once you have this precious item you should be able to whip open your map and instant transmission to where your heart desires. As long as you've already discovered the area of course.


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Besides Horizon Zero Dawn there is a very similar game, I suggest you buy Horizon Forbidden West ...
And while we are waiting for the DLC, you can play WoW, there are a lot of raids there. and if yo...
It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
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