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Here at GameA we search for the best items in the games we feature. Here are our Top 5 Must Have Secret Items for Horizon Zero Dawn. These items will help you and Aloy in your adventure in any scenario you are in.


  • Obtain the Tearblaster
  • Obtain the Golden Fast Travel Pack
  • Obtain the Lance
  • Lodge Weapons
  • Shield-Weaver Outfit

The List of Top Secret Weapons

The Golden Fast Travel Pack

The Golden Fast Travel Pack. Questing is one of the major things of the game and since HZD has a huge map, fast travel is a great way to save time. The Golden Fast Travel Pack is at the top of our list because its the easiest and most useful item in the game. Here's a quick guide on how to obtain the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

The Tearblaster

Next on our list is the Tearblaster. The Tearblaster can rip off components and deal a small amount of damage but its most basic purpose is to tear off components. For small to medium machines this weapon might not be as useful but use it on large machines like the Thunderjaw or the Rockbreaker and you won't have to worry about them anymore. The Tearblaster can rip off components in large chunks regardless of its durability, it can also remove armor plates to reveal weak spots on large machines or disarm machines weapons such as a Thunderjaw's disc launcher which you can pick up and use against the beast itself. Here's another quick guide on how to get the Tearblaster.

Shield-Weaver Outfit

Our third and my personal favorite item is the Shield-Weaver Outfit. Not only is the Shield-Weaver outfit a completely new fashion statement for hunters it can also sponge up a good amount of damage. The outfit comes with a self regenerating shield allowing for unlimited damage absorption. However, to acquire this outfit also means that you need to acquire all 5 power cells to unlock the armor in the side quest Ancient Armory.

Power Cell Locations

The first two power cells can be found in the Nora Tribe lands. One is in the ruins you explore as baby Aloy. You can return to those ruins as an adult and you'll find the power cell hidden behind some stalagtites. The second one can be found in All Mother after The Proving in The Womb of the Mountain main quest.

The other three can be found in the quests Maker's End, Grave Hoard and in GAIA PRIME on the quest The Mountain that Fell. For a more detailed and specific guide to their locations you can check out the Ancient Armory side quest guide we've made for you here.

Oh and if you've already completed these Main Quests, don't worry. You can always go back revisit the areas to obtain the power cells.

The Lance

Lance is a weapon Aloy will receive after The Mountain that Fell quest. What makes this item special is that its innately has shock damage and can deal a large amount of damage. Making it one of those items you want to rush and acquire as soon as possible.

The Lodge Weapons

The fifth item is actually an entire set of items known as the Weapons of the Lodge. These weapons are entirely optional and the only thing special about them is that they are gold coated and have slightly higher stats compared to their Shadow Weapon counter parts. All of these weapons can be acquired by collecting suns from the Huntering Grounds. There are only three lodge weapons which are the Lodge Blast Sling, the Lodge Ropecaster, and Lodge War Bow. All of which are gold plated which adds a nice touch to your weapon collection.

Video Guide

Top 5 Must-Have Secret Items in Horizon Zero Dawn

Here's a quick guide to how to obtain these items.


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Besides Horizon Zero Dawn there is a very similar game, I suggest you buy Horizon Forbidden West ...
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