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The wounded braves of the Nora need Dreamwillow to ease their pain, but supplies have run dry.


  • 2/2 Search Brave Trails for Dreamwillow Caches
  • Talk to Fia
  • Find Jun
  • Investigate the Lodge
  • Unblock the Door
  • Search the Area for Tracks
  • Follow the Tracks
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to the Leader of the Outcasts
  • Return to Jun



Dreamwillow Caches

Go to the Dreamwillow Caches locations marked on your quest marker. Check them for Dreamwillow and then return to Fia of your findings.

Find Jun

Aloy will have to look for Jun for the Dreamwillow. Head on over to his lodge to investigate the missing Dreamwillow. Unblock the door to find Jun and he will tell you about the Outcasts. Scan the area for tracks and follow them.

Talk to the Leader of the Outcasts

At the end of the tracks you'll find a group of Outcasts being attacked by machines. Destroy the machines and then speak to the leader of the Outcasts. Once you've spoken to the Outcasts, return to Jun to talk about the stolen Dreamwillow.


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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
It’s totally bugged! The machines notice the proximity bomb and veer off course or become s...
I’ve cleared sunstone rock thrice now, but Ullia is nowhere to be found. I hear her, it app...
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