The Womb of the Mountain

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  • Examine the "Demon" carcess
  • Kill the "Demon" and Corrupted Machines
  • Talk to Resh, the new War Chief
  • Follow Teersa out of the Mountain
  • Follow Teersa
  • Search for your Equipment


Search for Your Focus

Explore the mountain and look for your Focus. Your Focus is located in the room outside of the one you came from.

Search for Your Equipment

Go through the bunker doors and you will find your equipment on the ground in the last room.

Follow Teersa Out of the Mountain

Teersa will come to you. Talk to her and follow her while she speaks about Aloy's mother and her origin story.

Stay close to Teersa and she will start a cut scene when you reach the Mother's Door.
She will then lead Aloy outside the mountain where another series of cut-scenes will begin.

Talk to Resh, the new War Chief

As a newly appointed Seeker, you must speak to Resh to open the gates. Follow the path down to the gates and climb up the stairs on the village walls. You will find Resh there.

Kill the “Demon” and Corrupted Machines

A "demon"/Corruptor has appeared along with several Corrupted Machine and Aloy must kill them. Scan the machines and the 'demon' to learn of its weaknesses. The Corrupted Machine will charge at you if you get close to them and attack you while the 'demon'/Corruptor will perform jump attacks and throw rocks at you. Time your dodge properly to avoid these attacks. Use Hunter Reflexes and Concentration Skills to aid you in this battle.

Examine the Demon Carcass

Once you have killed the demon/Corruptor, examine its body and you will receive the override device.


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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
It’s totally bugged! The machines notice the proximity bomb and veer off course or become s...
I’ve cleared sunstone rock thrice now, but Ullia is nowhere to be found. I hear her, it app...
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