To Curse the Darkness

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update 02/03/2017


Aloy undertakes a dangerous mission to infiltrate a secret Eclipse base and crash the cult's Focus network


  • Go to the Location that Sylens indicated
  • Climb the Escarpment
  • Infiltrate the Eclipse Base
  • Rest at the Campfire
  • Crash the Eclipse Focus Network
  • Escape the Eclipse Base!


  • +10000 experience
  • +1 Skill Points

Go to the Location that Sylens indicated

Slide down the cable for a quick ride down from The Grave-Hoard. The destination Sylens wants you to go to is on the other end of the map. By this time you should already have the Golden Fast Travel Pack. If you don't have it yet, you should go and get it at one of the Meridian traders. Fast travel to the nearest campfire and then traverse the rest of the way.

Once you reach the location, rest at the campfire and a cut-scene will start; briefing you of what to do next.

Infiltrate the Eclipse Base

Sylens will ask you to infiltrate the Eclipse base and destroy their Focus network. The base is filled with Eclipse troops and Corrupted Machines. Stealth is a recommended option here since there are a lot of enemies.

When you get to where the Tallneck Focus Network is supposed to be, a cut-scene will start and Aloy will only see a leg of a Tallneck. Sylens will then ask you to keep looking. Cross the bridge and remember its location. Take out the Eclipse troops to continue forward.

As you get closer to the Tallneck location, you will hear the explosions get louder and you should be able to see the Tallneck Focus Network soon.

Crash the Focus Network

Once you see the Focus Network, find a way to climb to the top. A cut-scene will initiate, revealing Hades.

After the cut-scene, you've destroyed the Focus Network but now you have to escape from the Eclipse Base. Navigate your way out without fighting any of the enemies you encounter. Dodge and evade any projectiles and attacks made to you.

Once you've reached a safe area, a cut-scene will begin and you will have complete the quest.


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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
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