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A caravan departed on a dangerous route without any decent ammunition. Without help, the expedition is doomed.


  • Deliver the Ammunition to the Caravan
  • Talk to Marzavid
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to Marzavid
  • Find Dirid
  • Kill the Stalker
  • Talk to Dirid
  • Recover the Songcores
  • Return to Marzavid



Talk to Marzavid

Head on over to the Caravan and deliver the ammunition.Talk to Marzavid and some machines will come to attack. Defeat the machines and protect the caravan.

Find Dirid

Aloy must now find Dirid. Scan the area with your Focus and look for tracks. Follow the Tracks and you'll find Dirid but a Stalker is keeping him from leaving so defeat the Stalker and use shock arrows to force it out of its cloaking ability.

Once you've recovered the Songcores return to Marzavid to complete the quest.


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It is weapon dependent. Hunter bow, I think.
It’s totally bugged! The machines notice the proximity bomb and veer off course or become s...
I’ve cleared sunstone rock thrice now, but Ullia is nowhere to be found. I hear her, it app...
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