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Vanasha is helping the child kind Itamen and his mothr Nasadi defect from the Shadow Carja to Meridian. But their path is dangerous, and they are certain to be pursued.

  • 9330 XP
  • Skill points +1


  • Talk to Three-Toe Huadiv
  • Kill the Machine in the Pass
  • Return to Three-Toe Huadiv
  • Prepare an Ambush
  • Kill the Cultists
  • Kill the Cultists and Machines
  • Talk to Vanasha
  • Kill the Cultists and Machines
  • Go to the Shoreline



The Queen's Gambit becomes available after you've completed the Traitor's Bounty quest. Go to Three-Toe Huadiv's location to start the quest.

Three-Toe Huadiv

Speak to Three-Toe Huadiv about clearing the pass. Aloy will have to kill the Rockbreaker herself. Destroy the components on its legs to keep it from digging underground. The weak spot in its back is an easy target, aim for that to deal extra damage. Kill them and clear the pass.

Prepare the Ambush

After the cut-scene with Vanasha, you must now set up an ambush. Set up traps in the area and stay in the tall grass to avoid detection. When the cultists pass through kill them and their machines.

This ambush will end up in a series of battles ending with a corrupted Thunderjaw. Destroy the Thunderjaw. Take out its weapons on its back and around its mouth. Tying it down with a Ropecaster will also help greatly.


Where do they appear once the quest is finished?
<< Anonymous
Pochusaurus Reply
can I ask who "they" is in your question?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vanasha. She says to meet at a green tent somewhere.
<< Anonymous
Pochusaurus Reply
its near the lake or river

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I cant use my blaze? I have it in my inventory but i cant create fire arrows...
Grist 2
does anyone know who is the actor? Grist is so handsome!
This quest is complete crap. Cultists just spawn infinitely and even headshots alert the others.
I purchased arrow packs from the vedor guy but I cant use them.. when I run out of arrows the onl...
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