Hunting For The Lodge

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update 15/03/2017

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To prove herself to the Hunters Lodge, Aloy must complete a number of machine hunts


  • Go to the Hunters Lodge
  • Talk to Ligan
  • Complete 3 Trials
  • Talk to Ligan
  • Find a Sponsor
  • Deliver the Trophies to Ahsis
  • Gather the Machine Trophies



Complete 3 Trials

As a means to prove herself worthy of being a member of the Hunters Lodge, Aloy must complete 3 trials. Speak to Ligan about joining the Hunters Lodge to start the trials.

Find a Sponsor

Upon completion of the trials, Aloy now needs a sponsor. Speak to Ahsis in regards for a test worthy of a sponsorship and deliver the machine trophies to Ahsis.


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then hold x. SiMpLe DoOd
couldn't agree more. I'm in a dungeon area and I need to shut down and pack up my PS4 b...
I can no longer use potions. I have resorted to a fire save and restart when i need health becaus...
Grist 2
does anyone know who is the actor? Grist is so handsome!
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